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Join The Corps

Completion Toolkit

Phi Theta Kappa encourages chapters to reproduce these materials as needed to supplement the printed Toolkit mailed to chapter advisors.

C4 Video

C4 Video

Use the C4 video to play on the campus television or share with administration.

C4 Video





Why Complete Infographic

C4 Resolution Card

Use the "Why Complete" infographic for distribution on campus.

Why Complete Infographic







C4 Buttons

Promote the C4 Completion message on your campus with C4 Buttons available for purchase through the Phi Theta Kappa Store. Each package contains 50 buttons — 2 of each design.



"Join The Corps" Stickers

C4 Stickers

Green | White

Designed to work with Avery Label #5294, 2.5” white laser printer labels




C4 Bracelets

Showcase your support of the C4 Challenge on your college campus with the C4 Bracelets. They are sure to make a statement! Available for purchase through The Phi Theta Kappa Store, each package contains 25 bracelets.



Call To Action In Support Of Students

Call To Action In Support Of Students

Poster (display during your campus Signing Day)




C4 Logos


Small | Medium | Large | Vector

Black & White

Small | Medium | Large | Vector



C4 Posters

Help promote college completion to students, faculty, staff and administrators!

"Hip 2B Square" - Low resolution | High resolution

"Join The Corps" - Low resolution | High resolution

"Nerds Unite" - Low resolution | High resolution

"Talk Is Cheap" - Low resolution | High resolution

"Completion Champion" - Low resolution | High resolution

"Doing Your Part" - Low resolution | High resolution

"Geek Is Chic" - Low resolution | High resolution