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Best Practices for Administration

“Inform students of resources available on campus to help them succeed.”

Ayesha Shariff
Saint Paul College



“Remind students to see an academic advisor regularly.”

Kelly Hulander
Saint Paul College



“Encourage students to proactively contact me regarding success barriers.”

Hannah Kokesh
Saint Paul College



“Monitor student progress on a weekly basis.”

Marlene Carmona
Miami Dade College



“Help students with study skills to aid in their academic performance.”

Andrea Hernandez
Miami Dade College



“Illustrate success stories of previous graduates.”

Andrew Fuhrman
J. Sergeant Reynolds Community College



“Ensure messages in orientation programs promote completion.”

Meg Foster
J. Sergeant Reynolds Community College



“Help students create a realistic graduation timeline.”

Valerie Washington
Camden County College



“Promote completion discussions within my classroom.”

Patricia Elford
Butler County Community College



“Recognize effort, commend achievement, and celebrate understanding.”

Claude Mayo
Goodwin College



“Encourage early registration to help in retention.”

Michelle Breaker
Gateway Community College



“Assist students with career exploration.”

Tina Ray
Eastern Oklahoma State College



“Explain the articulation policy to all classes.”

Joann Levey
Union County College