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C4 Planning Guide

Meet with college president, administrators, faculty leaders, Phi Theta Kappa advisors, Phi Theta Kappa officers and student leaders to discuss the C4 initiative.

Gain commitment from all parties for college-wide support of the initiative and form a C4 planning committee. Include: Administration, Student Activities, Advising/Counseling, Public Relations, Student Government, Student Athletics, Faculty Department Leadership, TRIO/Student Support Services, Career Services, Transfer Services and other related areas.

Set a week during the term when C4 activities will be held.

Plan and host C4 activities. Suggested daily themes and activities:


Commit – Complete the online C4 pledge. Sign a C4 banner to be publically displayed on campus. Share the message with student organizations by encouraging them to sign the Commit to Complete pledge. Present why college completion matters and the C4 initiative to faculty/staff.


Confirm – Host a “one stop shop” where students can meet with an academic advisor and financial aid advisor, obtain a degree audit, complete a course planner and learn about services available on campus to help them complete their credentials or degrees. Invite alumni to participate in a student success panel to describe their experiences at the community college and share advice on how to succeed.


Connect – Hold a transfer-counseling workshop where faculty/staff show students how to create a CollegeFish profile, complete senior college transfer applications and apply for scholarships. Invite senior colleges in the area to participate in a transfer fair and invite local businesses and industries to participate in a career fair.


Collaborate – Work with the college’s foundation to establish a C4 scholarship to be awarded to a student who has signed the “Commit to Complete.” Host a club fair and encourage students to get involved on campus.


Celebrate – Hold a press conference to announce the college’s commitment to help students complete. Reveal the number of students who have committed to complete and the support that will be provided. Recognize faculty, staff, administrators and trustees for being Completion Champions.

College administrators obtain an electronic file from COLLEGEFISH.ORG (CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS FOR ACCESSING REPORT) listing the students who signed the online pledge and flag the students’ records at the college. The college communicates with these students to offer support and identify campus resources needed to help students complete their credentials or degrees. Following graduation, measure the effectiveness of the C4 initiative by determining the percentage of students who signed the C4 pledge and completed their credential or degree.